Conflict Resolution Services

Our qualified and professional Conflict Resolution Specialist supports parties in conflict to have a real conversation, helping them find ways to end the problem not the relationship.

We can often find ourselves in business looking to deal with things using HR investigations and disciplinary processes, as opposed to starting with conversations where we listen effectively and unpack the issues. Conflict resolution is about the conversation, it is about hearing each other and working out how to move forward in a professional way.


Why it may be daunting to think about tackling conflict rather than ignoring it, creating an opportunity to define the problem and resolve issues in a professional and confidential environment, which is fair to all parties involved, can quickly and efficiently reduce workplace disruption.


We start off with one-on-one conflict coaching sessions where we look at the issue from all perspectives and coach into how each person may be playing a part in the conflict. We then bring people together to talk. We encourage transparent and authentic conversation because this is where there is opportunity for transformation.


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  • Benefits:

    • It works! Creative and practical solutions can be reached, empowering individuals or organisations.
    • Facilitated confidential conversations to help parties find a way forward enabling them to work professionally together.
    • Quick and cost-effective way to resolve conflict without involving investigations and lawyers.
    • All parties have the opportunity to express how they feel in a safe and managed environment.
    • Dealing with the issue quickly and efficiently reduces workplace disruption.
    • Conflicts are an opportunity for growth if managed professionally with positive outcomes.
    • It explores the feelings that are in play and why these have been triggered. The individuals in conflict are encouraged to tell their own story in their own way. Acknowledging emotions promotes movement towards agreement.
    • The Facilitator does not make the decisions, they guide individuals, helping them end the problem not the relationship.