01 Nov 2022

What would happen without recruiters?

What would happen if all the recruiters in the world suddenly vanished - never to return or be replaced. "Poof", gone, just like that - leaving just piles of shoes. No, the world wouldn't fall apart.

But put up your hand up if you think you’d want to absorb that recruitment activity into your daily responsibilities – because someone will have to. You will now have quite a lot of admin to do and will need to understand NZ employment law. You will search every nook and cranny for candidates; write creative ads, placing them appropriately in the right categories; read CVs and shortlist, field calls and applications from the unqualified/the non-compos mentis, and the hard to understand; explain your role multiple times, ‘sell’ your business, compete with other businesses for the same talent; more admin, chase verbal references in the UK…late at night; chase around of the candidates you thought you had. Communicate to all who interviewed, say “no” to the 2nd-best who’s a great candidate and really wants the job…and make an offer sometimes to have it declined and start the whole process again.

Come on then – a show of hands….

(Thanks to Alicia Vroegop for these wonderful words!).