05 Apr 2024

Navigating Career Changes during a Recession

In our current economic climate, all sectors are feeling the financial impacts and people are experiencing changes to their roles and redundancies.  A few tips to navigate this stage:


• Job search plan – it is important to have a diverse job search strategy from connecting with your networks, engaging with recruiters, using LinkedIn and Seek and ensuring your CV is updated and targeted to roles or industries.

• Positive mindset – you will also need to have tools and strategies to manage your emotional resilience and selfcare as the job search process can be tiring and negative with the rejections and slowness of hiring processes.

• Upskilling and reskilling – often during recessions when the job market experiences change it can be a great time to undertake study options – like a certification, degree, post graduate qualification.

• Personal Branding – ensure that your CV, cover letter, Seek profile, LinkedIn presence and your social media presence will support your visibility and opportunities.

• Identify Resilient industries – sectors of the job market that remain stable are often education, healthcare and essential services and look at transferrable skills, upskilling or reskilling to meet the needs.


If this can seem daunting then engage a Career Specialist to have a chat and support you with an Action Plan.


Sharon Jefferies │ Career & Candidate Coach