09 Feb 2024

Human Resources (HR) Audits

A new year always heralds a host of good personal intentions but this article isn’t about the diet you were meant to be on last year, the lack of value from your gym membership or reforming those old cynical habits to have a positive outlook in 2024 but we can help you with that too if you want!

What I want to talk about is your business starting the new year with a health check of your human resources policies and practices – what we call an “H R Audit”.

This procedure is quite painless and no stethoscopes are needed although we will be armed with our checklists and a clipboard while we methodically sample your HR file directories and your hard copy folders and files for evidence of the organisation’s compliance with important employment legislation.

We will also need to talk to your managers and administration team so we assure you that those of you who enjoy a good audit won’t feel left out.

At the end of it all, we will discuss what parts of your “Hire to Retire” (Employment Life Cycle) meet New Zealand’s legislated standards, as well as what areas of your H R practice can get ‘healthier’.

You will receive a report on our findings to help you take those next steps toward improving your people practices so that you are not talking about doing something about your H R policies and practices this time next year!

Give the friendly H R Auditors at Everest People a call now and our Everest “Audit Ambulance” will be out to see you soon.


Greg Cateley │ People & Culture Specialist