25 Oct 2022

How findable are you?

Gone are the days where a job advert is placed and recruiters sit back and wait for the job seeker applications to flood in!

A huge component of finding the right candidate is just that – finding. One of our many search techniques is drilling down within SEEK and LinkedIn to find suitable candidates, many of whom are not active job seekers but are open to new opportunity discussions. Your online profile can have a tremendous impact on your job search, maintaining a strong and carefully managed online presence is a great way to get yourself noticed.

1. Create a strong compelling profile summary

A powerful summary can compel recruiters to take a second look. You want to stand out from the other candidates and capture the interest of the recruiters so they click on your profile, even when you are not actively searching for a new job.

2. Profile contact details

Ensure your employment history and skills are kept up-to-date. Your SEEK profile allows you to upload your CV, review and update your CV on a regular basis.

3.Privacy settings

If you are an active job seeker make sure your SEEK profile is set to standard. There is no point setting your profile to limited or hidden – we want to see you!

4.Connect with key recruiters

Many recruiters are very receptive to connections from job seekers, explain your reasons for contact and what your employment goals are.

Beth Haigh,

Recruitment Advisor

Ph: 027 701 9585