Meet Mark Morgan

CEO | Waikato Regional Airport

Recruitment & Search

"Everest - they ask the right questions, understand what we need, then go out and get the right people!"

- Mark Morgan, CEO at Waikato Regional Airport

The days of placing an advert in the local paper and waiting for the right candidate to apply are now archaic. With a real shortage of skilled and experienced candidates, business owners need to consider different recruitment options to ensure they hire the right person every single time. A bad hire can be a costly exercise – not only in dollar terms but in time, energy and the impact on the team if the fit isn’t right!

With our targeted approach to recruiting we ensure you hire the right people for your organisation. To do this we need to understand your business, your culture and your needs. At Everest, we are all about relationships.

We have the expertise and technology along with well developed networks across multiple industries to find the right people for your organisation. We use leading-edge technology to identify, screen, assess and source passive and active candidates across the globe. Every candidate is treated with utmost professionalism to ensure your brand is protected at every interaction.

Recruitment & Search specialists in


  • General Management

  • Manufacturing, Logistics, Operations, Distribution

  • Sales, Marketing, Communications

  • Human Resources

  • Finance, Administration and Business Support

  • Agriculture, Science and Technology

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Board and Chief Executive Services

When Boards and Chief Executives prosper, entire organisations succeed with them. Similarly, the effectiveness of an organisation can be significantly hindered by one individual or the collective force of a Board. Everest provides a full range of tailored Board and Chief Executive services to optimise performance and deliver good governance.

Board and Chief Executive Services

  • Board establishment and composition

  • Organisational strategy and capability assessments

  • Team dynamics assessments

  • Director development/continuous professional development

  • Getting on your first board – preparing a governance CV, interview preparation

Non-Executive Director Recruitment

  • Search and appointment processes

  • Board interview guidance and support

Chief Executive Search and Recruitment

  • Chief Executive Search and Recruitment

  • Expert guidance on job design and scope

Chief Executive Performance and Succession Planning

  • Chief Executive introduction to governance

  • Development of performance based measures

  • Performance reviews including 360 degree surveys

  • Identification of next-generation leaders

  • Executive leadership development

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