12 Aug 2020

What’s in a name? Everest & Hillary Scholars

Inspiring excellence, all round development and leadership - obvious synergy between Everest People and high achieving Hillary Scholars.

Here at Everest People we’re proud to support future leaders. The Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme educates future leaders at the University of Waikato within the values of New Zealand’s greatest adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary.

This article was recently published on the University of Waikato website:

It might seem like an obvious synergy: University of Waikato Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars benefiting from personal development from human resources experts Everest (named after the peak Hillary famously summitted), but there’s a bit more to it than that.

Hamilton-based Everest provides pro-bono mentoring support to the University of Waikato Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship programme, regularly speaking and hosting workshops for scholars on personal development, with topics including leadership, goal-setting, and overcoming adversity and setbacks.

The Hillary Scholarship is one of the University’s most prestigious scholarships which aims to educate and develop future leaders within the values of New Zealand’s greatest adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary.

Everest managing director Senga Allen, alongside director Diane Hallifax, says it’s an honour to help guide the personal development of the University’s high-achieving students, who represent a variety of sporting, creative, performing and academic pursuits.

“We’ve supported Hillary Scholars in developing their ‘soft skills’ for more than two years now, and we are always blown away by the calibre of these young people – when you spend time with them you can see they are really set to achieve some big things in their future, and we always learn a lot from them ourselves,” says Ms Allen.

Everest is passionate about giving back to its community, particularly through volunteering in time and sharing expertise in the not-for-profit sector, which Ms Allen believes is just as valuable, if not more so, than giving financially.

“We find that sharing time and knowledge is really valuable for those receiving it. It’s a great feeling to share your knowledge and see that it’s helping set someone up with skills for life.”

In addition to their work with the University’s Hillary Scholars, Ms Hallifax is a Director of RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) and on the board of the Waikato Rugby Union. Ms Allen chairs the Waikato Chamber of Commerce and is a trustee of the Graeme Dingle Foundation. Previously she was chair and trustee of the Waikato Family Centre for 10 years.