28 Jun 2022

Struggling with feedback? Too agressive, or too nice?

Another management book. Sigh. Yawn. Some other Americanised version of what probably won’t work here for us.

Think again! Radical Candor is Americanised, but that doesn’t detract from the value of the contents nor the relevance of the stories. Kim Scott has a way with words, explaining radical candor simply with relevant stories from her own experiences with Google and Apple, drawing the reader in and making it easy to empathise and understand the point she is trying to make.

Kim Scott doesn’t hide from her flaws; she wears them proudly to highlight the growth she has undertaken in her leadership journey. She is able to recognize when she has been the catalyst for an error, and openly takes blame where it is due. She writes in a way where you feel you are talking to her over a cup of tea or a glass of wine, making it easy to keep turning the pages.

The bright pink cover makes it an easy find in your bookshelf or bookstore, and the diagrams throughout help you to make sense of the concepts she introduces, with a website and videos to support your learning journey. Kim also makes it clear that this is an ongoing learning journey; like Rachel Hunter said, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!” Kim doesn’t make you feel bad for not already having these skills, she simply guides and supports you to get those skills where they need to be for effective communication.

If you struggle with feedback, are too nice or too harsh, or you’re not sure you’re hitting the right and best targets, read Radical Candor by Kim Scott, and then join us at Everest People for a workshop on Courageous Conversations, next half-day workshop: 13/07/22.


Jo Stuart | Trainer