28 Jun 2022

Spotlight on training: Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations has been our most popular workshop for 2022, with an online version being offered this year. Having run for almost eight years, the workshop has evolved and updated as information and theories have, but the core has stayed the same throughout; active listening, planning, and recognising and managing emotions. This four-hour/half-day workshop reiterates what is already known, that in order to have a difficult or challenging conversation, you need to plan ahead what you will say, be mindful of your reactions and where the other person may react, and not just listen, but hear what they are telling you.

Most participants do this course because they are encouraged by their employer, especially if they have recently taken on a leadership role in the team. Even those that attend rolling their eyes at the agenda leave with something new they hadn’t considered, or reinforcement of something they had forgotten and will reimplement.


There are activities, breakout rooms (if doing the online version), and a fair amount of self-reflection to be found in a CC workshop, with the facilitator usually getting the ball rolling by admitting their weak spots first. To be fair, how could we expect participants to share openly if we aren’t prepared to do so ourselves? Despite over 20 years of facilitating this type of workshop, even our facilitators need reminders when their temper and ire are up.


In attending this workshop, you will be presented with communication theory and how it applies to your role and workplace, a feedback model that you will practice during the workshop, and not just our facilitators’ advice and experience, but also your fellow participants. After four hours, you will feel more confident approaching your boss for a pay rise, discussing those gnarly topics with your team, and bringing up your partner or flatmate’s annoying habit that you just can’t tolerate any longer. It isn’t about being cruel to be kind, it’s about being clear and concise to be fair – and expect a bit back! We will help you to raise the difficult topics and also to respond appropriately when feedback is given to you. Such fun!


Our next workshop is being held in Hamilton on 13/07/22 right here in our Everest People training room, with catering from the amazing Weave Café at Innovation Park.


jo Stuart | Trainer