23 May 2022

Leadership Development Story

Our trainer Jo Stuart shares a story of growth on behalf of one of our Leadership Development (LDP) participants:

“Bob” started out as an apprentice, gained his qualifications and then went out to work with other organisations for a few years, honing his craft and skills.

He then returned to his original employer where he was promoted to Manufacturing Team Leader. For most of his new team, this was not a problem. He had proven himself and had the necessary experience. However, a couple of the older team members who had contributed to his earlier training when he was an apprentice were less engaged with him.

As a shy and introverted type who tried to steer clear of confrontations, he struggled a at times to manage his team. “Bob” joined our LDP and identified these development areas quickly.

He worked on feedback models and communication, with both the facilitator and participants making suggestions and coaching him towards success. At the final module he had noticeably grown in confidence due to the support of his fellow participants, and due to his own growth and learning.

“Bob” had been willing to try any of the models and theories we discussed and had implemented the GROW coaching model. He was even able to successfully manage a passive-aggressive situation where a team member would complain about certain behaviours in others while they were doing the same thing themselves. Being able to implement newly learnt leadership skills on the job is definitely an outcome that is appreciated by our participants and their organisations.

Our next Leadership Development Programme commences on 6th July, join us for six half day modules, click here for more information or to register.