10 Oct 2022

Did you know? You Are Not Your Qualifications!

Check your CV…..does it read like you are more than qualifications or not?

Please know you are much more than these well-earned and highly valued qualifications.

Your personality, your style, your ability to connect, your knowing how to work in a team along with the things that matter to you – your values and principals are especially important for organisations these days.

So often when I sit with a client and we talk about who will be their new team member, they say “they really do need to fit in with our team and our culture”. It’s a balance of each – there is so much written about this and here are a few comments:

• If a position needs a person to hit the ground running, then skill is a priority

• Most of the time, you can’t have it all –hire for attitudes, train for skills where possible if there are skill gaps

• Take care to employ on personality alone – no skills means lots of hand holding and business doesn’t have time for this generally

• A CV and good presentation to the recruiters – can get you the interview but if you don’t “click” with the company you don’t get hired. Hard as this is – don’t take this personally.

• Good fit wins over qualifications – but candidates have to have most of the qualifications to even get presented; right?

What I’m saying here is remember to cover all your bases in your CV. How you present your CV, your cover letter and phone calls to a recruiter says so much about you and your qualifications then validate the decision on the recruiters part to read on and find out how great you are.

And that’s what you want – Right?

By Raewyn Anderson, Recruitment Advisor

Ph: 027 590 0110