31 Jul 2020

70% of New Zealanders intend to up-skill/retrain in the next 6 months

Upskilling is high on the employee agenda.

With 70% of New Zealanders planning to up-skill, re-skill or retrain at some point in the next six months, training may be a valuable attraction and retention tool. In fact, one in three Kiwis have made the decision since COVID-19 to up-skill, re-skill or retrain.

Cameron says that while training is attractive to candidates, salary and job security are stronger drivers of attraction in the current economic climate.

“We can see that people are interested in training at the moment to ensure that they have the relevant skills for the future, but we haven’t really heard of employers talking about training at the moment.

“In terms of retention and attraction tools, training is not the first thing to use at the moment,” adds Cameron. “It’s more about money, job security and career opportunities. But this will change – I think in six months’ time, when people are feeling more comfortable, training will become a greater focus for employers.”

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*Source: Independent research conducted by Nature on behalf of SEEK. Interviewing 4000 Kiwis annually.