13 Dec 2022

2023 we’re coming for you!

At this time of the year, many clients start to ask questions like – what’s coming up in 2023?  Do you see the market changing next year?  Will we see more candidates seeking new roles?  Well, I do wish I had a crystal ball as it would make our lives easier, wouldn’t it?  2022 has been tough for many businesses and the historic amount of disruption over the last few years has left us feeling a bit shell shocked.

Recently Gartner (gartner.com) surveyed over 800 HR leaders across 60 countries and all major industries to identify their priorities and challenges for 2023. Data is better than a crystal ball! First up 60% of respondents put “leader and manager effectiveness” on their list, followed closely by organisational design and change management (53%), employee experience (47%), recruiting (46%) and the future of work (42%).  So, what’s driving these priorities?  

Globally organisation’s face uncertain and confusing times – rising inflation, scarce and expensive talent, and global supply constraints.  

2023 and how to tackle it….

For me I think 2023 is going to be a bumpy ride with global headwinds at our door.  We can’t keep doing the same thing year after year and expect different results.  Spend time now planning for 2023 and how you’ll adjust your sails.

By Senga Allen, Managing Director