21 Jun 2021

Employment Express, Quarter 2- 2021

Everest People and DTI Lawyers' Employment Express for Quarter 2,2021 on Thursday, 3rd June 2021. What they covered-

Sometimes the financial cost of getting employment processes wrong can be high. In our latest briefing we review recent cases where employers faced hefty penalties for failing to follow a fair process or maintain proper Payroll and leave records.

We also consider situations where an employee is reinstated after termination while they wait for their case to be heard, and the trend for employees seeking to have their claims heard where they expect to receive the most favourable rules or process (e.g. as a breach of Human Rights instead of Employment Law).

 Please join Everest People and DTI Lawyers, join our panel of Specialists at our quarterly FREE employer briefing where we will discuss:

Personal liability/penalties -
e.g. Restaurant Brands fined for unlawfully dismissing a migrant worker
e.g. Kenel – the farmer that was penalised for statutory breaches

Increasing litigation risk -
Interim reinstatement orders, increasing awards at the Authority, forum shopping (privacy, employment, rights etc.)

Watch it here, and as always- we are always here to help